About Meteorites

I have written several articles that are geared towards those who are new to meteorites and want to learn the fundamentals about collecting space rocks. Select an article by clicking on one of the links below, and the document will open in a new browser window.

Meteorites, Ambassadors from Space - a primer on the basics of meteorites and meteorite collecting.

Meteorite Glossary - explains many of the terms on this website that are commonly used by meteorite collectors.

Meteorite Micromounts FAQ - answers some common questions about the meteorite micromounts sold on this website.

Moon Rocks : Brief Primer on Lunar Meteorites. - how do we know it is a lunar meteorite and why we should care? This brief essay answers common "Moon Rock" questions.

The Perils of Type Collecting - a guide to the many different types of meteorites.

History of the Saharan Gold Rush - an article explaining what "NWA" meteorites are, where they come from, and what they mean for collectors.

21st Century Meteorite Falls, Part One - some facts and statistics about meteorites that have fallen since the year 2000.

21st Century Meteorite Falls, Part Two - updated facts and statistics about meteorites that have fallen since the year 2000.

Cutting Meteorites for Beginners - a guide to cutting meteorites, choosing a saw, and selecting a blade.

Trinitite FAQ - legality, authenticity, radioactivity, and other questions are answered.

Certificates of Authenticity - Some candid views about COA's and what they mean.

Catalog of Witnessed Falls - a list of falls specimens available for purchase on this site.

Recent Meteorite Falls - All known meteorite falls since the year 2000 (Updated often)