Admire Pallasite Crystal - Olivine Peridot Cosmic Gemstone

These small green crystals are extraterrestrial olivine that was harvested from Admire pallasite meteorites. Pallasites are a type of meteorite that is part metal and part olivine. The olivine can take the form of gemmy peridot crystals, which is what we have here from the Admire pallasite. They have many of the same qualities as Earthly peridot, except these crystals originate from outer space and are as old as the Earth itself. Admire crystals are prized by gemcutters and jewelry-makers because of their superior green-yellow color and transparency. Also, some select crystals have chatoyance, which is rarely seen in pallasite olivines. Chatoyance is a color-play or cat's eye effect that is visible under certain lighting conditions or when the crystals is moved under light - a play of colors like an iridescence rainbow.

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing ONE crystal like the one shown - actual appearance of your specimen may vary slightly as each crystal is unique. Your purchase will include a labeled gemjar for safe storage.

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