William (Bill) Cook's Binocular Collimation & Alignment Text

Collimation Vs. Conditional Alignment is the first thorough treatise on true 3-Axis Binocular Collimation (available to the general public) in the last 58 years. I know of no other source or system of that meets today’s misunderstandings about binocular collimation head on and supplants opinion with facts. The cost is $15. It was to be a magazine article. But, while feet were being dragged, many members of Cloudy Nights Binocular Forum indicated they wanted it.

Eventually, it is to be part of a MUCH larger piece. BUT, not knowing when that is going to happen I didn’t want to string folks along. It is an 8-page PDF with photos and diagrams. I have made one other available for $$$ in the last couple of months. Hopefully this is the last. My publisher is less than enthusiastic about letting proverbial cats out of proverbial bags—even in doses.

Hope you find it helpful.

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