Carbonaceous Chondrite Lot of Four Specimens, CO3, CV3, and more.

This is a collection lot of 3 different carbonaceous chondrite specimens. All of these were hand-selected for their aesthetic qualities, unusual inclusions, and dense chondrules. At least two types are represented here and all of the samples are generously sized. Each specimen comes with a membrane box and is labeled with the locality, type, and weight.

This lot is ideal for the connoisseur of chondrules. All of these specimens are loaded with chondrules and/or CAI inclusions that would be a treat to study with a microscope. Many of these localities are now scarce on the collector market. All of these specimens are professionally prepared and polished.

This lot contains the following specimens (there are 4 pieces from 3 localities total) :

NWA 2918, CO3.0, slice, .3g

NWA 4685, CV3, two pieces, uncut crusted pea stone and polished endcut, .95g total weight.

NWA-xxxx, unclassified, possible CV3 or CR2, endcut, 2.118g

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all (3) of the specimens shown. Your purchase will include ID labels and membrane boxes.

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