Chiapas Amber - Rare Mayan Amber from Mexico, Raw Piece, 12g

This is a select piece of rare Chiapas amber - once prized by the Mayan culture and used in ceremonies and adornments.  This piece weighs 12 grams, and it is rough and unpolished.  It has not been searched for inclusions. 

When this piece is polished, you never know what you might get lucky and find - maybe some plant matter, maybe an insect, who knows?  Chiapas amber is a rarely-seen variety of amber that is increasingly difficult to acquire because the mines it originates from were devastated by hurricanes and shut down by the Mexican government.  This particular piece comes from an old collection.

Chiapas (or Mexican amber) is found in the Simojovel (San Cristobal la Casa) region of Mexico.

Refer to the photos.  The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included.
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