Dhofar 018, Howardite, Lunar Lookalike, Thin Slice, 2.6g

Pieces of this meteorite were first recovered from the deserts of Oman in 2000 by a Russian meteorite hunting team. The meteorite looked exactly like some of the new lunar meteorites that were being found in the same area at that time. Thinking they had found a lunar, the Russians went about the task of having the meteorite officially classified. Everyone was quite surprised (and perhaps disappointed) when the lab results came back and this lunar turned out to be a howardite in disguise. Despite the samples' lunar-like appearance, they were actually a polymict howardite breccia from the asteroid Vesta. This meteorite caused a stir when it was first introduced onto the market because it was a relatively-cheap way to own something that looked like a lunar without paying lunar prices. Now, this meteorite is just an interesting footnote in the history of meteorite collecting and it is rarely seen on the market now in any form other than micromounts. Larger prepared slices like this one are quite rare.

The specimen being offered here is a professionally-prepared slice. It is very thin and has a lot of surface area for the weight. It has been polished on one side. The matrix shows a wealth of clasts set into a dark groundmass matrix. It weighs 2.6 grams. When held up to a light, there are a couple of translucent crystals in the matrix.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. Your purchase will include an ID label and padded storage box.

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