Imilac Pallasite, Beautiful Stained Glass Slice, 82.3g

Imilac is one of the top pallasites in the world in terms of beauty and stability. Known for the quality of it's peridot crystals, this particular specimen has gorgeous deep yellow olivines that exhibit chatoyancy in several spots. There are a few crystals that show phantoms of chatoyant rainbow colors. When backlit, this credit-card-sized slice has several translucent olivine crystals that glow like stained glass windows. Imilac meteorites were first recovered in the remote and desolate Atacama Desert of Chile in 1822. Since that time, it has been recognized as a world-class pallasite that is resistant to oxidation and has great beauty when cut and polished.

This professionally prepared slice been polished on three edges and both sides. It is a robust piece that is not fragile in any way. The thickness tapers from 5mm on one end to 3mm on the opposite side. It displays well in several positions and makes an excellent hand specimen for show and tell. It weighs 82.3 grams.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. It is a polished slice that measures approx. 57mm x 45mm, and the thickness gently tapers from 5mm to 3mm. Your purchase also includes a padded storage box, ID label, and original Bob Haag specimen card.

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