Iron Meteorwrongs - Clever and Interesting Iron-Silicate Slags

These are very interesting iron meteorwrongs.  These are NOT meteorites.  Almost all of these pieces are man-made iron silicate slags, which are leftovers from industrial and manufacturing processes.  During formation and cooling, some of these pieces have developed dimples, vesicles and "flow lines" that are close analogues for the regmaglypts and ablation lines seen on real iron meteorites.  Specimens such as these can be quite convincing until they are cut and etched - they will not etch like a real iron meteorite. 

For meteorwrong collectors, these are ideal for outreach or educational use.  They can be used to demonstrate the differences between real and bogus meteorites.

Refer to the photo.  The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included.  You are purchasing ONE iron meteorwrong selected from the larger lot shown. 
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