Lunar Meteorite Analog - Anorthosite Meteorwrong - Hand Specimens

This interesting specimen is Anorthosite, and it is a meteorwrong or meteorite analog.  It is NOT a meteorite.

Anorthosite is a terrestrial plagioclase/feldspar material that strongly resembles pristine lunar rock - this is what virgin, unoxidized lunar material looks like.  If you search Google or Wikipedia for Anorthosite, you will see photos of lunar materials that look exactly like the Anorthosite offered here. 

If you want to have something that looks like a lunar meteorite fragment, at a tiny fraction of the price, this is it.  This meteorwrong is ideal for display, outreach, or educational use. 

True lunar Anorthosites originate from the lighter-colored areas seen on the Moon.  These terrestrial Anorthosite samples come from deposits in Canada.

Refer to the photo.  The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. 

You are purchasing ONE of the fragments shown.

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