MAPS Journal - Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Nakhlites, 09/2011

MAPS is the official academic journal of the Meteoritical Society.  The Meteoritical Society is the world's leading body that governs the research and nomenclature of meteorites.  MAPS stands for "Meteoritics and Planetary Science".  In addition to meteorites, MAPS also contains papers on comets and near-Earth objects.  The majority of the contents are scientific papers about meteorites, but some of it is approachable by the advanced layman.  There are also occasional articles and book reviews.  Each journal has a heavy stock cover and is a couple of hundred pages containing a dozen or more papers.  There are charts, diagrams, tables, and photos.  The journal is available by subscription at a price of hundreds of dollars per year.  Meteoritical Society members get these journals with their memberships, and I am offering these surplus copies.

Refer to the photo.  This journal is in crisp, like-new condition with no flaws.

The issue being offered here is : Sep 2011, Volume 46, Number 9.

Cover photo : Microstructure of the Fuzzy Creek iron meteorites.

Articles and papers in this issue :

* Thermal and impact histories of reheated group IVA, IVB, and ungrouped iron meteorites and their parent asteroids.

*Hypervelocity capture of meteoritic particles in nonsilica aerogels.

* Search for extinct aluminum-26 and titanium-44 in nanodiamonds from the Allende CV3 and Murchison CM2 meteorites

* The densest meteorite collection area in hot deserts - the San Juan meteorite field (Atacama Desert Chile)

* Characterization of multiple lithologies within the lunar feldspathic regolith breccia meteorite Northeast Africa 001.

* Petrogenesis of basaltic shergottite Northwest Africa 5298, Closed system crystallization of an oxidized mafic melt.

* The Antarctic achondrite, Grove Mountains 021663, an olivine-rich winonaite.

* Fluids on differentiated asteroids, Evidence from phosphates in differentiated meteorites GRA 06128 and GRA 06129.

* Raman characterization of carbonaceous matter in Concordia Antarctic micrometeorites.

* Correlated microanalysis of cometary organic grains returned by Stardust.

* Cosmic ray exposure ages of nakhlites - Nakhla, Lafayette, Governador Valadares, and Chassigny.

* A mathematical algorithm for automated indexing of planar deformation features in quartz grains.

* Chemistry in the solar system.

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