Meteorite Dealer Wholesale Lot, 138 Pieces, Ready for Resale

This is a wholesale lot of meteorite micromounts that is packaged and ready for resale. There is an assortment of stony meteorites, iron meteorites, pallasites, moldavite, and carbonaceous chondrites. Each specimen is weighed and the weight is written on a label hidden in the inside rim of each gemjar. The outward facing label shows the meteorite name, meteorite type, and locality. The little round stickers are suggested retail prices that range from $3 to about $20 each, depending on the type and weight of each piece. The specimens come in acrylic gemjars with white padded foam inserts. These are ready to use in a display or tray at rock show or retail venue.

The meteorites included in this lot are : (weights for each varies, from less than 1g to more than 3g)

Czech Moldavite x 9

Nantan iron meteorite x 7

Campo del Cielo iron meteorite x 5

Brenham pallasite (large olivines) x 5

NWA 4800 CK4 carbonaceous chondrite x 3

NWA 3118 CV3 carbonaceous chondrite x 109

You a total of 138 meteorite specimens. Averaging about $5 each at retail, that is a minimum of $690 return in sales. That is more than 2.5 times the asking price here.

Refer to the photos. You get all of the meteorites, gemjars, and foam inserts shown.

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