Unclassified Meteorite Lot, Uncut and As Found, 401g

This is a lot of three (3) unclassified stony meteorites that weigh a total of 401 grams or .88 pounds.

The meteorites were recovered from the Saharan Desert in the early 1990's and have resided in a single collection since their sale now. I acquired these directly from the owner who bought them on an expedition to Morocco in the days just prior to the gold rush of so-called "NWA" meteorites. These three stones were only recently removed from their original wooden freight-crate, and are "as found" in their original condition. All of them are uncut and have only been lightly cleaned with a soft brush to remove sand and dust. With a little further cleaning with a stiff brush, these could be nice hand specimens, or they might be good for cutting.

Judging by appearances and magnetic attraction, these meteorites are L and H chondrites.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing all of the meteorites shown.

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