Moon and Mars Rocks Display, Meteorite Fragments of Two Worlds

This display features two rare planetary meteorite specimens - fragments of the Lunar meteorite NWA 10644 and the Martian meteorite NWA 2975. Each fragment is encased in an acrylic gemjar. The gemjars are set into the display box against a color photo of the planet Mars and the Moon.

NWA 10644 is a lunar achondrite that was recovered from the remote Saharan desert of Morocco in 2016. NWA 2975 is a basaltic shergottite that was recovered out of the Algerian Sahara. Both of these specimens are authentic pieces of another world, the Moon and Mars.

This display box has a handsome black pebble grain exterior with a removeable glass viewing lid. The box measures approx. 3 x 4 inches (75mm by 100mm).

Refer to the photo. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing a display like the one shown. Note, each meteorite fragment is unique and may vary slightly in appearance.

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