Sahara 97001, Early Shocked L6 Chondrite, Polished Slice, 3.02g

Sahara 97001 was recovered in February 1997 in the Saharan Desert of Morocco. It was the first meteorite recovered by the Labenne team in the year 1997, hence the catalog number (97 001). It was analyzed and classified as a moderately shocked L6 chondrite (S3/W3). Despite being somewhat weather, the interior of the meteorite shows an attractive matrix that is surprisingly rich in chondrules for a type 6 and quite rich in metal for a L-chondrite. Some of the chondrules are armored. Most of this meteorite was absorbed into collections long ago and it is rarely seen on the market now. This early Saharan meteorite predates the NWA series of classifications (1997).

The specimen being offered here is a professionally-prepared slice that is polished on both cut faces and has a natural rim of remnant crust and desert varnish. It weighs 3.02 grams.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. Your purchase will include an ID label.

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