Big Unclassified NWA Meteorite, Uncut 1.6 Kilo Individual Stone

This is a fine example of an unclassified stony meteorite. It was recovered from the Saharan Desert in Morocco. Judging by appearances and degree of magnetic attraction, this is likely a H-type chondrite of petrologic grade 5 or 6. The majority of this meteorite was buried under the surface of the desert with a small portion exposed to weathering action. The buried portion has preserved remnant fusion crust. The small exposed portion has wind-polished desert varnish on it. This piece is uncut with a couple of natural breaks exposing the interior matrix. A specimen like this is ideal for display purposes - it displays well in several positions. It would also make a good outreach or educational specimen because it exhibits many qualities that illustrate the long history of it's residence in the desert (weathering, oxidation, wind action, buried preservation, etc). This piece would also be good for slicing and resale.

Refer to the photos. The black centimeter cube is shown for scale and is not included. You are purchasing the specimen shown. It weighs 1657 grams (1.65 kilograms or approx. 3.52 pounds). It will include an ID label.

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